The Broken Planet Project

The Broken Planet Project

The Broken Planet Project: A Beginning

Welcome to The Broken Planet Project; where you can be a part of our journey in working towards creating our first indie video game Broken Planet and if you’re interested in making video games this is a great place to start your own journey.

With The Broken Planet Project we’re trying something a bit different; we’re adopting an open book method. As we learn various tools and techniques we’re going to be sharing our journey and writing clear, concise tutorials for anyone else who wants to get involved with game development. Our hope is that we gain something from the feedback and ideas from the community, and to provide a hub of useful and easy to follow information for anyone else who wants to make games too. Here are the aspects of The Broken Planet Project:

  • Tutorials: Written tutorials (sometimes partnered with video walkthroughs) of the various tools and technologies we encounter on our journey.
  • Game updates: A combination of written and video presentations on the progress of our game Broken Planet.
  • Game Playthroughs: Video episodes where we play various video games from the triple A and indie industries and analyse them from a development perspective.

What is Broken Planet?

Broken Planet is the name of our company, and just to be confusing, the name of our flagship game which we are in the early stages of developing as well. Although on paper we are a company, in reality we’re two amateurs (possibly like you) full of hope and good intentions aiming to produce something great.

Who are we?

There are just two of us:

  • Stephen Townshend: The smart one; in charge of all things technical, handling code, delivery and anything requiring technical know-how.
  • Hamish Woodman: The artistic one; in charge of everything visual, as well as the development of models, images, and animation.

We both have full-time lives outside of this endeavour. Stephen works as a performance engineer, testing the performance of large scale websites and applications for a living. Hamish is currently training to become a secondary school art and technology teacher. The Broken Planet Project will fit in our spare time – we both like the idea of doing this professionally one day.

Our Projects

It’s taken us a while to get to the point where we are ready to approach development in a considered way, and we have started a number of projects before getting to this point. Further down the track, we will put up blog entries discussing these projects individually in more detail, or perhaps referencing them for tutorials, but right now this time-line gives you an idea of not just what we’ve been up to, but maybe how many projects are dead or in stasis behind every live one:

We hope that you find this useful in some way, or maybe you just enjoy following our journey. This concept is in its infancy, and we’re changing and learning all the time. If you have suggestions or feedback, or want us to provide a tutorial on a particular topic just let us know and we’ll do what we can to help.

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